Why I love it and how it doesn’t make me less of a journalist or a writer. Warning: Some serious inspiration may come along when you click on the article.

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When I say that I’m a journalist and a content creator, people usually forget the latter. The ‘journalist’ part is the exciting one.

What could it be? War correspondent? First rows during Paris Fashion week? Carrie Bradshow Parisian style?

Well, had I chosen to become a war correspondent, I would have been stopped at the departure gate by one very angry Ukrainian Mother.
I did study fashion journalism. My road has taken me elsewhere since then.
I’ve never liked Carrie. The show was ok for the time being, however, I don’t see anything inspiring about it for me in 2020.

Working as a freelancer with zero deadlines on my list

Deadline, Shmeadline

A freelancer who doesn’t know the value of a deadline is a bad one. He is also not going to last for a long time in the world where you, me, and my brother’s neighbor are working remotely.

I’ve known the worth of a deadline for a few years already. It is pretty simple. You don’t make it on time = you don’t make it. After being paid for casually looking through Buzzfeed from time to time (guilty), I left my office job around six years ago and never looked back.

I’ve always loved writing and I was lucky enough…

One thing you should never say, no matter how saucy and raunchy the texting gets.

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Second lockdown. Likes and messages are rolling in. Déjà vu, déjà lived during the first one.
We are again glued to our screens (did we ever stop?), looking for distraction, new hobbies or killing time. Some are cooking (moi!).
Some are finding company online and keeping their hands busy by texting (ok, sexting) their matches and crushes. You know, something to look forward to when “this will all be over”.

I gave up on that during the first lockdown because I was too busy testing…

and realized it twenty-three years after

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I strongly despised piano classes when I was a kid. Please don’t ask why I didn’t beg my family to quit — I really have no idea. Probably it’s because I like finishing things, no matter how hard and unpleasant they are. Good quality for an adult, questionable trait for a kid who learned how to fake a headache just to skip classes.

If I only knew back then I was just one class away from a huge lifehack. …

how your ego can interfere with your relationship even before the relationship

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I have never enjoyed fairytales. In fact, I grew up with Twin Peaks. “The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer” was my favorite book as soon as I learned to read. I have never looked for a prince charming or believed in destiny.
Having figured out more than one very challenging situation in life, I’ve always counted on myself, knowledge, education, hard work and consistency.

Yet, there is this one sphere of life where I’ve always refused to give it to the algorithms — dating. I was the last…

Turns out, Intermittent Fasting (IF) is not a remedy for all issues. Especially when it comes to weight loss. Why?

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  • trigger warning: diet, weight loss

If you have clicked on this article, you have most likely clicked on an article called something like: “Benefits of Intermittent Fasting” before. You have heard of celebrities who swear by IF, you have seen the impressive stats of the positive health effects and you have learned a new word: “autophagy”.

Fasting does have a great effect on our bodies. Our insulin levels drop, our cells regenerate faster and our brain health gets better. You…

Promise: not a single word on how everybody should be doing CrossFit and how it is the most complete work out there.

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As I said in my bio, I love finding deeper meaning in casual daily activities. Seeing where our decisions take us when we repeat them in a long run. I am also convinced that there is always something more profound behind every action than just the action itself.

Today it is about CrossFit. I was walking home from my yoga class, and then out of all the CrossFit boxes in all of the city of Paris, I had…

Don’t count on the first step to do the magic, do the magic yourself

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They say it is supposed to get easier when you just start the journey. You put on the shoes and walk into the sunset, in the direction of your dream. Everything starts with an idea, a vision, and the first step to the final goal in mind. You can see it. It is in your head, on your dream board, in your affirmations, and in your five-year-plan.

You got the motivation, you wrote done the goal in your best handwriting, you get off the bed and…

How to stop the “information intoxication” and find the routine that works for you.

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After yet another experiment with my hair, it was in an awful condition. My natural curls looked like hell: dry and all over the place. Raven color was not the one for me.
I had to fix it somehow. Another color wasn’t an option, it was going to make my hair even worse.

I called my friend:
«Anna, I need a routine for my hair. I need to be doing something to fix this stack of hay on my head», I said.
«Routine is good. Do you…

My weird, funny, yet meaningful story about how I really ended up in France

This September marks 13 years since I took a one-way flight from Ukraine and arrived in France.

However, I’ve never told the chain of events that brought me to learning French and ending up here, writing this text.

Spoiler: it wasn’t my love for France and dreams of dancing under the Eiffel tower with an accordion in the background.

The year was 2004, and I had just moved to Kyiv to study journalism.

I was walking to the university. That was the day we had to…

Eugenia Salnikova

Ukrainian in Paris. Doing things and writing about them. I love seeing casual daily activities as life-transforming experiences and finding some wisdom in them.

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