Five Ways to Provide Sustainable Last-Mile Delivery

Eugenia Salnikova
3 min readMar 16, 2022

With Earth Day around the corner, companies participate in green initiatives and encourage sustainability. What if your business directly depends on delivery, the industry many like to blame for CO2 emissions?

Can you guarantee same-day delivery and still provide sustainable delivery service? Today’s customers want their purchases at their door yesterday. Businesses can do a lot on their side, but there are many things they don’t have control over when it comes to delivery. So how to make delivery more sustainable? Businesses can do a lot on their side but there are many things they don’t have control over when it comes to delivery. How to make delivery more sustainable?

Stay tuned, and you will have five easy steps to keep both your customers and the planet happy.

1. Rethink the packaging

Investing in green and efficient packaging saves a lot of energy in the long run. Well-made and solid packaging guarantees that your product will arrive intact and you will avoid an unnecessary refund/return.

Using small, efficient boxes for small items is another way to limit waste and make your packaging cost-effective. In addition, if those boxes are made from plastic-free sustainable materials, it’s an extra bonus point on your journey to sustainability.

2. Provide exact product descriptions

One of the top reasons for product returns is when the product doesn’t match the description. Returning a product implies an extra round trip by the delivery services. By providing precise and accurate descriptions, you increase customer satisfaction and reduce the risk of an unnecessary return.

3. Partner with a sustainable delivery company

A lot of last-mile delivery relies on traditional vehicles, one of the primary sources of CO2 emissions. You don’t have to invest in your electric fleet. Today, there are companies that will do it faster and greener.

If a delivery company states they have an electric fleet, this is where you will see most long-term benefits.

Partnering with a company offering on-demand delivery also reduces the possibility of an extra round trip because fixing an exact delivery time ensures that the customer will be home.

4. Use and analyze the data

Customer behavior and data can give you a lot of sustainable business ideas. For example, analyzing clients’ purchasing and behavior patterns will provide you with insight into how to consolidate orders, do promotions, and organize the last-mile delivery most efficiently.

5. Offset the carbon footprint

Encourage customers to opt for a greener delivery option when they work with you. Give them the possibility of consolidating the orders, organizing on-demand delivery, and using recycled packaging. Offer incentives that will be convenient for customers and sustainable at the same time.

The last few years have changed how we consume and shop, with a massive boost in last-mile delivery. By showing your clients that you are walking the green sustainability mile for them, you will gain loyalty, customer satisfaction, and a solid reputation as a conscious business.



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