Why I love it and how it doesn’t make me less of a journalist or a writer. Warning: Some serious inspiration may come along when you click on the article.

When I say that I’m a journalist and a content creator, people usually forget the latter. The ‘journalist’ part is the exciting one.

What could it be? War correspondent? First rows during Paris Fashion week? Carrie Bradshow Parisian style?

Well, had I chosen to become a war correspondent, I would…

Working as a freelancer with zero deadlines on my list

A freelancer who doesn’t know the value of a deadline is a bad one. He is also not going to last for a long time in the world where you, me, and my brother’s neighbor are working remotely.

I’ve known the worth of a deadline for a few years already…

My weird, funny, yet meaningful story about how I really ended up in France

This September marks 13 years since I took a one-way flight from Ukraine and arrived in France.

However, I’ve never told the chain of events that brought me to learning French and ending up here, writing…

Eugenia Salnikova

Ukrainian in Paris. Doing things and writing about them. I love seeing casual daily activities as life-transforming experiences and finding some wisdom in them.

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